The Antarctic Infrastructure Modernization for Science (AIMS) project is a part of the Future USAP long range investment program for McMurdo Station.

Due to the large scale of this project, specific funding will be requested from Congress through the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction Funding (MREFC) process. If approved, AIMS will unfold over the next several years, and will be a key component of Future USAP over the coming years. A major prerequisite for AIMS is that its planning and construction process must have minimal impact on the science that will continue to take place at this critical research outpost.

Project Phases

To reflect this timeline, AIMS has been broken into a number of stages, consisting of three design and planning phases, followed by the construction phase.

C17 Aircraft Landing at McMurdo
Jack Green; USAP Photo Library

Each planning phase will allow the project team to further refine the architectural and logistical plans associated with the construction phase. This will be done through an internal planning process as well as an external socialization and collaborative partnership with the scientist-grantees and the diverse group of other government agencies doing work in Antarctica.

Each research station has its own Master Plan, which serves as a "living document" and reflects its purpose, goals and future plans. As the work under AIMS will only take place at McMurdo, any relevant changes will be incorporated into the McMurdo Master Plan, as appropriate.

For more information on AIMS, please watch the AIMS video or read about the background of AIMS.