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AIMS Passes Major Milestones

Completion of the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and Briefs to the Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction (MREFC) Panel

Existing building layout at McMurdo Station

The AIMS Project recently completed the Preliminary Design Review stage, a major milestone in the development of new facilities and infrastructure for McMurdo Station. Additionally, in late March NSF briefed the project to the MREFC Panel.  These are two major milestones in the competition for MREFC funding which is designated for just such a project. The next step is a project briefing to the National Science Board (NSB) in early May.

These milestones were met when an external panel of experts from outside NSF reviewed and evaluated the AIMS project and developed a series of recommendations for the MREFC panel.  Their evaluation and recommendations were provided along with a brief from the AIMS Program Officer to the NSF MREFC Panel, who in turn will make recommendations to the NSB Director or her designee for consideration in a future NSF budget year.  The MREFC account is an NSF agency-wide capital account created in 1995 with Congressional approval and provides funding to establish major science and engineering infrastructure projects.      Read more